An Overview Of The Features Of Trigger Sprayers?

An Overview Of The Features Of Trigger Sprayers?

Trigger sprayers are very convenient to use and can easily distribute liquid by spraying. Trigger sprayers have a wide range of applications in many areas. They can be used in many households and industrial and chemical products. For example, when you want to clean glass and tiles at home, your home cleaner can be installed in trigger spray bottles, as can a range of gardening and lawn care products. Trigger sprayers have a variety of sizes and design options, which can be selected according to different applications to make your cleaning more efficient. If you are choosing trigger sprayers for your application, you should consider the features of trigger sprayers.

The features of trigger sprayers


As a decisive factor in determining the spraying liquid, trigger sprayers have a variety of nozzle designs. In addition, you can choose the spray mode you need according to your application, such as stream, spray, or mist. And you can easily open and close trigger sprayers. In addition, there are some nozzles with child safety function, which blocks the trigger from moving and hence liquid from dispensing. Trigger sprayers also support customization. If you want a wide or narrow nozzle, we can also customize the trigger spray nozzle according to your needs.

Trigger options

Trigger options for trigger sprayers vary according to length and design. The trigger is designed to provide more grip for the fingers so that people can use it for a longer time. Some trigger sprayers manufacturers use usually ergonomically designed in their products, so people don’t feel uncomfortable holding the trigger for a long time when using trigger sprayers.

Bottlenecks and screw collar

Before you use trigger sprayers to distribute the liquid, trigger sprayers need to be well-installed on the bottleneck. This means that you need to distinguish between snap fitting and screw fitting. Some commonly used opening is 28 / 410. There are many sizes of screw closure, trigger sprayers can adapt to various bottlenecks, and the height of the screw ring can be modified according to the requirements of the trigger spray bottle.


Since trigger spray bottles come in many sizes, you need a dip tube of appropriate length in order to spray the whole contents of the bottle. The length of the dip tube must match the size of the bottle. There are various lengths of dip tubes to help you meet the needs of trigger spray bottles of different sizes.


The color of trigger sprayers is also a very important consideration. The color of trigger sprayers you choose should be suitable for your brand or product line. If the color of the trigger sprayer does not match your trigger spray bottle, then it will look very out of place and make people lose their desire to buy. So some manufactures provide all kinds of coloured trigger sprayers and can customize unique sprayers for different needs.

In addition, if you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of trigger sprayers, we’ve got you covered. Check out our comprehensive guide on the topic for knowledge of trigger sprayers.

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