How to Repair and Maintain Your Hand Soap Pumps?

How to Repair and Maintain Your Hand Soap Pumps?

Do you have any problem with the hand soap dispenser pump when using shower gel or hand sanitiser? If so, you need to fix it as soon as possible to meet the urgent needs. Although most hand soap pumps are very stable equipment, your manual hand soap pumps may not work for a variety of reasons. At this time, you need to know how to repair the hand soap pump.

When you push the pump, the soap foam is pumped out of the hand wash pump. Each press will produce a fixed amount, which is very convenient, and the pump will retract for the next press. When the pump fails to press or retract normally, it may be due to blockage or a spring crack. There are several methods for correct troubleshooting when the hand wash dispenser pump can not work normally.

Methods for repairing your hand soap pumps

Unlock pump

One of the common problems that the liquid soap pump does not work properly is that the pump is stuck. This means that the pump will not retract to the next cycle. This fault may be because you lock the pump. When you push the pump down and rotate it to 90 degrees, many distributors will be locked. You only need to turn the pump to its normal position to unlock the pump.

Cleaning pump

You need to remove the pump and pump assembly from the pump soap dispenser. Then wipe the distributor with a towel and immerse the tube in warm water and allow it to stand for 5 minutes. Warm water can effectively dissolve solidified soap.

Pump maintenance

If your soap dispenser still does not work properly, you need to do more work to repair the soap pump. You can unscrew the pump reservoir from the nozzle. Separate the reservoir from the nozzle and remove the spring. If there is a problem with the spring, you can replace it with the same spring. If the distributor pipe is too short or twisted, you can also replace it.

If you go through these steps, your soap hand pump will still not work properly. Then your pump may be due to damaged internal seals. If so, it means that you need to consider the hand soap dispenser pump replacement.

The above is a brief introduction to troubleshooting and maintenance methods for some soap pumps. When your pump fails to work normally, you can try the above simple methods to quickly rescue your soap pump.

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