Do You Know How to Choose A Foam Pump?

Do You Know How to Choose A Foam Pump?

In the past, people used to wash their hands with soap, because foam soap and liquid soap did not appear on the market. However, with the progress of the times, there are many kinds of liquid soap dispensers and foam soap dispensers for people to choose from. A foam pump is usually called an extrusion foaming device. The foam pump outputs liquid in the form of foam and is completed by pressing the top. To generate foam, the pump contains a foaming chamber. The liquid contents in the bottle are mixed in the foaming chamber and then discharged through the nylon net. If you are interested in foaming soap dispenser, this article will introduce you to how to choose foam pumps.

The advantages of foam pumps

Foaming soap pumps produce thicker foam than liquid soap, which means you can use less effort to get more cleaning power. It also represents cost-effectiveness because you use fewer products. In addition, the foam is easier to clean on a hard surface. Some common cleaners can not easily remove stains efficiently when you want to remove stubborn stains on ceramic tiles. Since foam can be evenly distributed on all surfaces, they are very suitable for removing hard spots without leaving streaks.

The applications of foam pumps

Nowadays, foam dispenser pumps have potential in more and more industries. Foam pump is widely used in the cosmetics or household chemicals industry. Hand sanitiser, facial cleanser, sunscreen products, shampoo, shower gel, etc. are all examples of the application of foam pumps. Many liquids are compatible with foam pumps, and foam pumps provide a unique and convenient way to deliver liquid products to consumers.

How to choose a foam pump?


Before choosing a foaming hand soap pump, you need to determine your output. There are many kinds of the outputs of foam pumps, such as 0.25cc, 0.4cc, 0.8cc, etc. You certainly don’t want all the liquid pumped out in one-time extrusion, so you need to choose the appropriate output of foam pump according to your products and needs.

No leakage

When selecting the foam pump, you can put your product in the foam bottle and match it with the foam pump. After shaking, press the foam pump by hand. If liquid leaks out of the bottle, it means that the foam pump and the bottle leak badly. Your liquid will easily leak out, which will also easily lead to foam wash pump failure. Therefore, when selecting the foam pump, the tightness of the foam pump to the bottle ensures that the liquid does not leak.


Comfort, when you press the foaming hand pump, is also a very important consideration. Most consumers want a pump that is easier to press. While pumping out rich foam, a pump that can be pressed easily means that the quality of the pump is very high. A pump that is difficult to squeeze will lead to uneven dose discharge from the liquid.

Rust free

When purchasing foam pumps, the material of foam pumps is a key factor. The quality of bearings or springs installed in the pump can often reflect the quality of the foam pump. Stainless steel or rust-proof spring must be installed in the foaming hand pump dispenser. Because the rusted spring will cause the foam pump to get stuck and affect its normal operation of the foam pump.

Therefore, before selecting foam pumps for your liquid products, you need to consider the above factors. In addition to these, you should also consider the appearance design and structure of the foam pump and bottle, so that the foam pump can match your bottle with an aesthetic feeling.

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