The Guide For How To Measure Dip Tubes

The Guide For How To Measure Dip Tubes

Suitable packaging is one of the main criteria for customers to decide whether they will buy the product again, including the correct components and relevant parameters. When you choose a suitable pump for your bottle, you need to pay attention to the length of the dip tube. A dip tube matched with the bottle can help you completely distribute the liquid in the bottle. Ensuring that the dip tube has an appropriate length will facilitate easy use of the product. Therefore, you need to buy a suitable dip tube to match your bottle. Do you know how to measure the length of the dip tube? Don’t worry, this article will share how to quickly measure dip tubes.

What length of dip tube is suitable for your product and container?

When choosing the best dip tube length for your application, you should consider the products you allocate. If you use a sprayer, like a trigger sprayer, usually you should use a thinner dip tube and the length of the dip tube should be about an inch longer than the height of the bottle. Because this will provide sufficient length to bend the dip tube in the container without affecting the liquid distribution. If you use a lotion pump to dispense some high viscosity products, you should use a rigid dip tube and place it directly in the container. There should be a certain space between the lotion pump tube and the bottom of the container.

How to measure and obtain a dip tube of appropriate length?

First, you need to prepare a ruler made of flexible plastic. And then find the top of the gasket. Start at the top of the gasket and measure down to the bottom of the tube. This step allows you to determine the total length of the dip tube. However, it should be noted that this is not just the length of the tube. This total length refers to the length from the top of the gasket to the bottom of the tube.

Next, you need to use the bottle to determine how much length of the dip tube you need to cut. This means you need to know the height of the bottle. Measure the height of your bottle from the top to the bottom and record the length. There are usually two ways to determine the length of the dip tube. The first method is to bend the tube towards the container wall to maximize the distribution of products.

The second method is to cut the tube short so that there is a little gap between the tube and the bottom of the container. Care should be taken when cutting the dip tube to ensure that the cut dip tube is not flush with the bottom of the container, which may cause the container to block the tube and prevent pumping. Therefore, the dip tube usually needs to be cut at a certain angle.

Finally, test. After you have trimmed the dip tube, it is important to test after using the dip tube. But you need to remember to be careful when trimming dip tubes, or you will cut them too short to make your tube work properly.

The above is our introduction to the determination of dip tube length and measurement method. If you still have questions about the measurement of dip tubes, we are willing to use our professional knowledge to help you answer relevant questions. In addition, we also offer a variety of lengths of dip tubes. You can find various lengths of dip tubes without worrying about accidentally cutting them too short when trimming the dip tubes. And we also provide the cosmetic packaging sets to save you time looking for pumps and cosmetic containers respectively. For more product information, welcome to consult us.

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