A Guide For Selecting Trigger Sprayers

A Guide For Selecting Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayers are widely used in most industries and are very suitable for distributing various products, including home cleaning, gardening, beauty, medical industry and so on. For different applications, you need to select the corresponding trigger sprayers. Selecting a suitable trigger sprayer needs to consider many aspects, so as to help you allocate products correctly. So before you buy trigger sprayers, you need to consider some factors to help you make the right decision.

How to select trigger sprayers?

Select a compatible neck finish

First, you need to make sure that your container and sprayer have compatible neck finishes. The neck finishes of trigger sprayers must match the bottles, otherwise, the containers may not be installed correctly, resulting in overflow or leakage of the contents. For example, a 28/410 container should be paired with a 28/410 trigger sprayer. The neck length of trigger sprayers has many sizes. If you have special sizes, trigger sprayer manufacturers can also customize the sizes according to your needs. You can find the required size of trigger sprayers here, and if you have customized needs, they can also provide customized services for your brand.

Length of the dip tube

The length of the dip tube has a crucial influence on the distribution of liquid products. If the dip tube is too long, it will bend too far in the bottle to completely distribute the liquid in the bottle, and if it is too short, it will not reach the bottom of the trigger spray bottle. So when you calculate the length of the dip tube for your application, you need to consider the products you allocate. There are usually two dip tube options, a rigid dip tube and a flexible dip tube. For example, when you want to distribute some high viscosity products, you can choose a rigid dip tube to distribute products.

Style of sprayer

One of the reasons why sprayers are widely used is that sprayers have a variety of sizes, designs and colors. Different types of trigger sprayers may have different characteristics, including different doses and nozzles. Spray trigger nozzles are also available in a variety of options, including adjustable nozzles and locking features. In addition, for different product lines, you need to choose the appropriate trigger sprayer color according to your bottle packaging and brand.

Type of spray mode

Spray mode is also a very important consideration. The spray is a traditional spray mode, and products are usually distributed in a cone. Flow spray means that there are almost no droplets in the product distributed from a direct point. This spray mode is very suitable for products that spray high concentration products in small places. The spray mode often has many small droplets, which is very suitable for liquid products with a relatively small dosage to be sprayed. The foam model, as the name suggests, provides products in the form of foam.


Price is often a major determinant of consumer purchase. A relatively cheap trigger sprayer may have a simpler design and usually does not include the design of finger grip comfort. This requires users to select according to budget and demand.

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