What Do You Need To Know About Trigger Sprayers?

What Do You Need To Know About Trigger Sprayers?

Trigger sprayers often appear in people’s lives. Trigger sprayers can be used for spraying various commercial and household liquids. As a solution for furniture cleaning products, any family can buy trigger sprayers for household disinfection. Trigger sprayers are usually made of plastic, with lightweight and low cost. They can meet the spraying of most liquids and can be used for water-based and chemical-based liquids. Trigger sprayers are also very convenient to use. People only need to squeeze the spray bottle handle to spray the contents.

The advantages of Trigger sprayers

Using trigger sprayers has many benefits. Plastic trigger sprayers are very convenient to use and can control the amount of liquid sprayed. This effect can be achieved because trigger sprayers have adjustable trigger spray nozzles to control the amount of spray to create a fine spray or jet stream for dispensing liquids. In addition, trigger sprayers also have a variety of colors and sizes for people to choose from, which means that people can choose them that meet their own products according to their own products. And some professional trigger sprayer manufacturers also support customized trigger sprayers. People can choose to customize trigger sprayers according to their own needs.

The tips for buying trigger sprayers

Output of products

Before you buy trigger sprayers, first you need to determine the type of trigger sprayers you want by your product type. For example, whether the dip tube material is compatible with your product. In addition, you need to consider whether the output of trigger sprayers matches your product. Generally speaking, the most common output is between 0.7cc and 1.6cc.

Length of the dip tube

The dip tube is an important part of trigger sprayers. When people buy trigger sprayers, they usually ignore the length of the dip tube. You need to determine the length of the dip tube according to the size of the bottle you use. If you choose a too short dip tube length by mistake, the chemicals in your bottle will not be fully distributed because the dip tube is too short to distribute the liquid. In addition, you also need to consider the rigidity of the dip tube and choose the materials that meet your needs.


As a way of distributing products, trigger spray nozzles are a very important consideration when you choose trigger sprayers. There are many options for nozzles, including fog, mist, continuous, stream, spray, jet, and so on. You can choose a suitable nozzle according to your needs.


Trigger sprayers have a variety of designs, styles, and colors to choose from. You can choose the design of trigger sprayers according to the purpose of the product. Depending on your product line, you may want to offer classic, modern, technological, or possibly futuristic products. In addition, the comfort of trigger sprayers design is also a key consideration. Trigger sprayers with a comfortable design will make people more convenient and comfortable to use.

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