Why You Use Trigger Spray Bottles As Packaging?

Why You Use Trigger Spray Bottles As Packaging?

If you are using liquid products, the convenience and ease of use of distribution products are very attractive selling points for people. Therefore, bottle packaging manufacturers have found a packaging solution that can meet these two qualities at the same time. This packaging solution is trigger spray bottles and they are widely used today. People can see the shadow of spray bottle trigger from cleaning solutions to food solutions. High quality trigger spray bottles make liquid spraying easy. Here’s why trigger spray bottles are popular in many industries.

The advantages of trigger spray bottles

Can spray more products

If people want to dispense liquid products, high output trigger sprayers can spray more liquid products to help people get more benefits from each squeeze. And trigger sprayers can usually discharge more product under extrusion than finger sprayers. In addition, trigger sprayers have many designs. The spray pattern of trigger sprayers is designed to be adjustable, including fine mist, strong spray or between the two. This means that users can adjust the spray pattern according to their own needs to make the liquid spraying more accurate. The adjustable trigger spray nozzle can help people reduce the need to buy other sprayers due to changes in spray demand.

Can speed up product turnover

Trigger sprayer can spray more products, so it means that customers can use your products faster. And they also provide you with significant business interests. Trigger sprayer bottles provide more controllable products than those that need to obtain the packaging of liquid products by dumping. Trigger sprayer sprays more products to make users use the products faster. Therefore, spray bottles can help you speed up product turnover.

Trigger spray bottles have an ergonomic design

For general bottle packaging, if users want to obtain the liquid product, they need to tilt their wrists and bear the weight of the product before they can pour liquid out of the bottle. Frequent use of finger sprayer may cause discomfort due to repeated pressing for product dispensing. Using spray bottle triggers allow your customers to keep their wrists straight. The ergonomic design of spray bottles can provide a comfortable experience, regardless of how many times the trigger needs to be pressed.

Therefore, the emergence of spray bottle triggers can bring many benefits to liquid products. There are many colors and sizes choices of spray bottles with trigger sprayers. You can choose from a range of different bottles according to the number and type of products you have. You can also choose the spray bottles are most suitable for your products according to the chemical composition and viscosity of your products. For example, the bottles with acid resistant trigger sprayers or high viscosity trigger sprayers.

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