What Are The Tips Before Buying A Trigger Sprayer?

What Are The Tips Before Buying A Trigger Sprayer?

As a good packaging solution for dispensing liquids, trigger sprayers can be used in a variety of liquid applications. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the demand for cleaning products and disinfection products has increased significantly worldwide. Trigger sprayers are most commonly used in household cleaning products, including disinfectants, cleaners, and detergents. In addition, trigger sprayers can also be used in the medical industry, such as pain relief products. Trigger sprayers are widely used because trigger sprayers are very easy to use and have adjustable spray trigger nozzles to adjust fine spray or spray flow. And trigger sprayers also have a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, which enables people to match trigger sprayers of different colors according to different applications. If you are considering buying a trigger sprayer, you need to consider the following five factors to help you choose the right trigger sprayers.

The considerations before buying a trigger sprayer


No matter which liquid packaging solution you use, the first thing you need to consider is whether the contents of the bottle can be compatible with the spray. For some chemicals that can cause severe reactions, you need to even consider and choose the material of the spray to avoid reacting with the contents and making the liquid ineffective like chemical resistant trigger sprayers. Some ingredients can only be used with specific materials. For the professional trigger sprayer manufacturers, they can help you find solutions for almost any type of product, including the contents requiring chemically resistant sprayers. If you want the output of trigger sprayers to spray foam, we also provide foaming trigger sprayers.

Sprayer output

In addition, the output of the product is also a very important consideration before buying trigger sprayers. Trigger sprayers have a variety of output types for people to choose from. The common output is between 0.7cc and 1.6cc. You can find trigger sprayers with multiple output options in different manufacturers.

Dip tube

As an important part of trigger sprayers, dip tubes can not be ignored. If you want to dispense all the contents of your trigger spray bottle completely, a dip tube length matching the length of the bottle can help you achieve this goal. Besides, some trigger sprayer manufacturers can customize the dip tube length according to your bottle size.


Before using trigger sprayers, you need to consider what type of trigger spray nozzle you want. The adjustable trigger spray nozzle gives the user control on how the product will dispense. There are many options, including spray, mist, stream, etc. No matter what options you need, we can help you find a solution.

Neck finish

You also need to consider the neck finish compatible with your bottle and product. If you plan to use some irritating chemicals, such as lawn insecticides, you may need to use a ratchet finish to firmly secure the bottle cap and spray the bottle. Trigger sprayers also have various size screw caps to adapt to different bottlenecks. You need to determine the corresponding size of the trigger sprayer according to your trigger pump spray bottle.

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