A Guide For The Basic Information Of Trigger Sprayers

A Guide For The Basic Information Of Trigger Sprayers

In recent years, especially with the outbreak of coronavirus, the demand for safe and effective cleaning products has greatly increased. As one of the packaging solutions for cleaning products, trigger sprayers are also in sharp demand. With the fierce competition in the trigger sprayer industry, many trigger sprayer manufacturers began to innovate. Now trigger sprayers have a series of exquisite designs, styles, colors, and safety functions. How much do you know about trigger sprayers? In this article, we will introduce some basic information about trigger sprayers to help you better understand them.

What are trigger sprayers?

Trigger sprayers are usually made of a variety of plastics and can be used for water-based and chemical-based liquids. Plastic trigger sprayers are connected to compatible spray bottles, when people squeeze the handle of the trigger, the trigger spray nozzles can disperse the contents.

How do trigger sprayers work?

Trigger sprayers are usually simple in design and need to be used with multiple components to ensure that the pumping action delivers the liquid as a spray. In short, you can start the small pump by pulling the trigger with your finger.  Trigger sprayers are usually connected with a plastic dip tube, which can draw liquid products from the bottom of the bottle. The pump presses the liquid down into a narrow bucket and then flows out through a small hole in the trigger valve on the trigger sprayers.

Applications of trigger sprayers

Trigger sprayers are widely used in various liquid applications. One of the most popular is packaging solutions for cleaning products, such as household cleaning disinfectants. Trigger sprayers can also be used in hair care products, such as sprays and gel. There is also the shadow of trigger sprayers in the medical industry. In fact, you will find trigger sprayers as a packaging solution in most industries.

The designs of trigger sprayers

Trigger sprayers have a variety of designs, styles ,and color options. Different types of trigger sprayers will be applied in different industries. If you want to enter the target market correctly, you need to correctly match the corresponding trigger sprayers as liquid packaging, especially color matching options. For example, in the cosmetics industry, people generally use trigger sprayers in white, transparent or soft colors. For the household cleaning industry, blue, orange and yellow trigger sprayers are common color choices. In the medical industry, people often use transparent, amber and white trigger sprayers.

Why use trigger sprayers?

As one of the popular liquid packaging solutions, trigger sprayers are used for many reasons. Spray pump triggers usually consist of a simple plastic extrusion handle, which can be installed on plastic trigger sprayer bottles of different designs and has some benefits for users.

  • Trigger sprayers are easy to use and have children’s safety functions. They provide some tips on how to fully guarantee the safety of your products for children.
  • Trigger sprayers are cheap and easy to get.
  • Trigger sprayers are reusable and easy to recycle.
  • Trigger sprayers are designed in a variety of ways. The trigger sprayers we provide are ergonomically designed to ensure people’s comfort when using trigger sprayers. And you can choose trigger sprayers with matching colors according to your brand and application.

The above is an introduction to some basic information about trigger sprayers. By reading this information, I believe you have a clear understanding of trigger sprayers.

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