What Do You Need To Know About Lotion Pumps?

What Do You Need To Know About Lotion Pumps?

Lotion pumps are no stranger to people, they can store products tightly and correctly. Whether in the cosmetics industry or the personal care industry, lotion pumps are an ideal choice for many packaging manufacturers. If you are looking for lotion pump dispensers for your liquid products, you need to know some relevant knowledge of lotion pumps. The following will introduce you to the basic information about lotion pumps in detail.

What are lotion pumps?

A Lotion pump is a liquid distributor that uses the principle of atmospheric balance to pump out the substances and liquids in the bottle by pressurization and supplementing the external atmosphere to the bottle. When people push the lotion container, the piston moves, the spring is compressed, and the air pressure will move the ball upward. From the end of the dip tube to the housing chamber, the product will move with the air pressure and the ball. When people release the actuator, the actuator and piston will return to the original position. At the same time, the ball will return to the rest position. The chamber seals the pathway to prevent liquid products from flowing back into the bottle.

Components of a lotion pump

Actuator: This part is what you press to pump the product out of the container. Actuators are usually made of PP plastic, and there are many styles and designs for people to choose from.

Closure: This part can hold the whole assembly together and fix it on the bottle. This part is also usually made of PP plastic, and also needs a variety of finishes and design options.

Outer gasket: The gasket is usually located inside the closure and helps you prevent the leakage of liquid products. Gaskets are usually made of many different materials. So when you choose a lotion pump, you need to consider whether your product is compatible with the gasket.

Housing: The function of the housing is to hold all parts and transfer the product from the dip tube to the actuator as a chamber. Housing is usually made of PP plastic and comes in a variety of styles and sizes.

Dip tube: The dip tube is made of PP plastic and extends from the bottom of the bottle to the pump. The length of the dip tube usually depends on the size of the lotion bottle.

Interior components: Held together in the housing, you can usually find components such as stem, piston, spring and ball.

The benefits of using lotion pumps


It is very convenient to use the lotion pumps. You can easily distribute products with only one hand, and the lotion pumps can evenly distribute liquid products. Lotion pump bottles are usually very light and can be carried with you.

Save usage

Lotion pumps can help reduce product waste by distributing a certain amount of lotion. In addition, some lotion bottles with pumps can be filled repeatedly. When your product is used up, you can refill the lotion dispenser bottle with new products for reuse.

High viscosity products

Lotion pumps are an ideal packaging solution for high viscosity liquid products. The lotion pump can distribute high viscosity liquid products neatly from the bottom of the bottle.


The costs of lotion pumps are lower than that of other similar products. So lotion pump manufacturers can provide lower lotion pump prices to consumers.

Suitable for different applications

Lotion pumps are widely used in a variety of applications. Lotion pumps are available in a variety of designs and sizes. You can choose the size and function of the lotion pump according to your application. For example, in the cosmetics industry, cosmetic lotion pumps can be designed with colorful and exquisite appearances.

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