Have You Ever Noticed A fine Mist Sprayer For Perfume?

Have You Ever Noticed A fine Mist Sprayer For Perfume?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for life is no longer only the pursuit of food and clothing, but also the pursuit of spiritual and higher-level material life. Perfume may be a luxury for people before, but now the smell of perfume is permeated in the air on buses, lift streets and streets. Both men and women can enjoy this smell.

When you buy perfume, you may overlook the perfume bottle sprayer. When you want to enjoy the smell you love, a good quality sprayer may bring hours of fun to your perfume. By using the fine mist pump sprayer, you can spray perfume directly onto your skin. The perfume sprayer can make your perfume from mist to fine spray.

The work principle of perfume sprayer

The perfume bottle spray mechanism is differential pressure. It forms a high-pressure system in the spray bottle, and the liquid in the bottle is ejected in the form of very fine water particles with high pressure drop. Then these tiny water particles float in the air like fog. Through this perfume spray mechanism, people can well control the dosage of perfume.

The accessories of perfume sprayer

Dust cap: This usually made of PP plastic and is transparent. The dust cap plays the role of preventing dust and protecting the perfume sprayer nozzle. In addition, in order to match the packaging of your product, the dust cap can be customized into different colors to match your product.

Actuator: The actuator of mist mist sprayer is not exactly the same as that of lotion pump. The actuator of the mist mist sprayer has internal components, including an insert for atomizing the ejected liquid.

Insert: This component is composed of channels through which liquid flows, forming a fog like pattern.

Closure: This is usually made of PP plastic and holds the entire assembly to the bottle.

Gasket: Gaskets need to be matched with different gasket materials according to different types of products. This is a key component that must be tested to ensure the compatibility between products and gasket materials.

Dip Tube: A dip tube is a thin plastic tube that extends the scope of the sprayer to the bottom of the bottle. The plastic dip tube is made of transparent high-quality plastic so that it is easy to see when your perfume can be sprayed. It is worth noting that the dip tube of the mist mist sprayer is more curved at the bottom than the dip tube of the lotion pump.

Why use a perfume sprayer?

For the traditional sprayer, the droplet particles sprayed by the nozzle are relatively large, which is easy to cause uneven spraying and too strong taste divergence. Not only that, this kind of sprayer will also spray excess perfume into the air, causing waste. However, the perfume spray nozzle produced by mist is fine and uniform, and you don’t have to worry about excessive consumption.

By introducing the components of the fine mist sprayer, you can choose the kind of perfume sprayer when you choose perfume packaging. If you are choosing a high quality perfume sprayer for your product, you can consider it.

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