Why Do You Use Amber Glass In Your Cosmetic Packaging?

Why Do You Use Amber Glass In Your Cosmetic Packaging?

Nowadays, beauty products are becoming more and more popular, and the styles of beauty products are also diverse. If beauty products want to attract more people’s attention, the packaging of beauty products is particularly important. The packaging of beauty products is an important embodiment of the first impression. Designing the packaging of beauty products is not simple. Choosing the right packaging is much more complicated than choosing the most beautiful or cheapest packaging. Beauty packaging uses different materials and different color combinations, which may make the packaging of beauty products become different.

In addition, you may often see beauty products packaged in amber glass. For example, the essential oils of some skin care products are stored in amber glass. There are many important reasons for using amber glass when packaging beauty products. The following will introduce why you should use amber glass when packaging beauty products.

Glass material is a safe choice

For the packaging of beauty products, many cosmetic packaging companies usually use different materials for packaging, the most common of which are glass and plastic. Although plastic looks strong enough, cheaper and easier to make and obtain, not all beauty products support plastic cosmetic packaging. This is because plastics are also composed of chemical molecules. Different plastics may be reactive and react with beauty products, so they may be unsafe. For packaging materials stored for skin products, this material must not contain any potentially harmful products, and the chemical composition of the packaging materials will not react with the chemical composition of beauty products. Glass is a good cosmetic packaging material. Glass is essentially inert after casting and no additional treatment is required to maintain this state. Therefore, some high quality lotions and essential oils are often stored in glass skincare bottles. Your cosmetic products are safe and harmless using glass material.

Why can not cosmetics contact the sun

One of the most important reasons for using amber glass when packaging beauty products is to prevent damage. If your cosmetics are exposed to sunlight or strong light for a long time, your cosmetics may become worthless. Ultraviolet and solar heat will break down the emulsifiers that combine the components of water and oil, resulting in the decomposition of emulsion and cream. In addition, if you stay in the sun for a long time, the color may also be bleached, so the red pigment of lipstick is also particularly vulnerable.

Provide barrier protection products

Amber barriers block harmful ultraviolet and other light and color waves. Therefore, the use of amber glass to store products is due to the sensitivity and vulnerability of beauty products. Using amber glass can protect beauty products without paying a high price. In addition, amber glass also looks very beautiful. This color looks very elegant and has a unique retro charm.

This is why people use amber glass to package beauty products. If you are also interested in the choice of beauty packaging materials and need a large number of wholesale, you can consult from kumarticle for more information.

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