A Guide For Choosing The Types Of Perfume Bottles

A Guide For Choosing The Types Of Perfume Bottles

In the past, perfume may be a luxury for most people. But nowadays, perfume is becoming more and more popular. People can smell attractive perfume on any occasion. Over the years, the way of storing perfume has also changed. With the fierce competition in the perfume industry, good looking perfume bottles may attract more customers to buy. Therefore, choosing the right perfume spray bottle is a challenge for people. Don’t worry. This article will introduce how to choose the types of perfume bottles and perfume bottle manufacturers to help you make better decisions.

Types of perfume bottles

When your perfume bottles have fashionable and beautiful designs, your perfume products will catch the eye of consumers at a glance. What kind of materials are used in packaging actually reflects a brand’s attitude and positioning. For the perfume bottles in the market, they can be divided into several categories.

Plastic perfume bottles

As the name suggests, plastic perfume bottles cost less than other materials, and the weights of plastic perfume bottles are lighter and more durable. But this kind of perfume bottles made of plastic do not seem to have a high texture and are not suitable for packaging expensive perfume. In addition, because of the degradable of plastic, and poor stability, plastics perfume bottles are becoming less and less popular.

Metal perfume bottles

Metal perfume bottles can be luxuriously decorated and are also one of the most popular recycled packaging materials. The perfume bottles produced by metal material are displayed at a very high level, with a beautiful texture and appearance. But the biggest drawback of metal perfume bottles is that the cost of this kind of perfume bottles is generally high.

Glass perfume bottles

Glass perfume bottles are the most popular perfume bottles in the perfume packaging market. Glass is made of natural materials and can well protect the original characteristics of the products without adding any chemicals. In addition, glass perfume spray bottles can also be designed very beautifully. And high transparency glass perfume bottles can also clearly show the color of perfume, thus attracting the attention of consumers. Transparent glass perfume bottles can enable target customers to find perfume colors that they love quickly and accurately, thereby stimulating people’s desire to buy.

How to choose perfume bottle manufacturers?

Select the perfume bottle suppliers with advanced equipment and production lines. A manufacturer with mature equipment and a large enough scale will determine the supply speed and product quality to a certain extent.

Choose a manufacturer that can support custom perfume bottles and has a variety of perfume packaging designs. Because there are a variety of styles of perfume bottles packaging, a perfume bottle manufacturer who can provide many choices can meet your demand for perfume bottles. And packaging design style and design ability can also reflect the level and ability of perfume bottle manufacturers.

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