How To Determine The Suitable Cosmetic Packaging?

How To Determine The Suitable Cosmetic Packaging?

Love of beauty is common to all men. With the emergence of endless beauty products, a variety of designs have emerged in the packaging of beauty products, which are different in specification, material, and closure types. Generally, the packaging and functions of beauty products depending on the products. For different products, the corresponding packaging should be selected. For example, some beauty products are more suitable for bottles with pumps, while others are more suitable for tubes with extruded tops. At the same time, for different beauty products, the packaging materials of beauty products are also different. Some products are suitable for glass cosmetic packaging, while others are more suitable for plastic cosmetic packaging. In the face of so many packaging choices for beauty products, do you know how to choose the packaging suitable for your beauty products? Don’t worry. The following will introduce the key factors you should consider when choosing the packaging of beauty products.

Key factors for choosing suitable cosmetic packaging

Packaging style of beauty products

There are many kinds of cosmetic containers, including bottles, jars and tubes. Before you consider choosing the cosmetic container packaging, you need to determine what kind of products your beauty products are and how to use them. For example, eye creams are usually considered in small jars to reduce the chance of deterioration before they are used up. Lotions are usually packed in bottles to improve the distribution of the product.

The type of closure

Beauty products can be distributed and closed in many ways. The common types are pumps, caps and sprayers.

Caps ensure that you keep the products in the packaging containers when you don’t need to use the products. Caps are also available in a variety of styles, such as clamshell, screw, and disc.

A sprayer is a device that sprays products in the form of fine mist. The fine mist sprayer can usually store cosmetics well, making it more convenient for people to use, and the sprayer of fine mist is also very uniform.

A pump is a very common element for distributing and turning off beauty products. You can easily dispense your product from the bottle by pressing. Pumps are also available in a variety of styles and materials, such as metal and plastic.

In addition, when choosing the distribution and closing method of beauty products, you need to pay attention to the container size. This means that you first need to determine the size of your packaging container, and then select the corresponding pump or cap according to the size.

Beauty product viscosity

The beauty product viscosity is also an important consideration. The beauty product viscosity refers to the resistance of a material to deformation at a given speed. Choose the right cosmetic product packaging by understanding the viscosity of your beauty products. For high viscosity beauty products, it is usually difficult to squeeze out of the tube or pump out from bottles. In addition, for low viscosity beauty products, such products can usually flow out of tubes and bottles more easily. Therefore, the viscosity of beauty products can help you choose the type of container and distribution/closure element.

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