How To Maintain Your Foam Pumps?

How To Maintain Your Foam Pumps?

In daily life, foam pumps provide many benefits for healthy products, beauty products, and cleaning products, and the use of foam pumps is becoming more and more popular. However, when using the foam pumps, foam pump heads may cause some malfunctions and cause them to be unable to continue using. If you can correctly maintain your foam pumps, then the service life of your foam pumps will be longer. Next, this article will introduce you to some tips to maintain your foam pumps.

What are foam pumps?

Foam pumps and dispensing devices are non-aerosol ways of dispensing liquid materials. A foam pump dispenses doses of the liquid contained in the bottle in the form of foam. Foam is created in the foaming chamber. The liquid constituents are mixed in the foaming chamber and this is discharged through a nylon mesh. The foam pump outputs the liquid in the form of foam and it is operated by squeezing.

The benefits of foam pumps

The applications of foam pumps are very popular in the current market because the use of foam pumps has many advantages. One of them is that foam pumps can improve efficiency and protect the products because foam pumps are easy to blister, so they need less amount to meet the users’ demands. This means that foam pumps can be made and accommodated in the foam pump bottles for a higher quantity, making them larger than other forms. In addition, foam dispenser bottles can be repeatedly filled, and are easy to clean, you can use them to distribute different types of liquids.

Tips for maintaining the foam pumps

Please do not use foam pumps under running water or fill the foaming pump bottles. This is to effectively prevent water from entering the air chamber. Once water enters the air chamber, it may cause foam pump failure.

Keep your foam pump active. If you do not use your foam pump frequently, then any soap trapped in the foam pump mechanism will dry, causing your pump to be jammed or unable to continue to use.

Try to rinse the foam pump with clean water. Please do not use irritant chemicals or cleaners to clean your foam dispenser pump. The foam pump is easy to clean, which means that you only need to remove the foaming pump top and put it in the water. And because of the nature of the products, foam pumps need regular cleaning.

Do not use additional additives, except olive soap, essential oil, and water. Foam pumps usually have a small mesh screen, which allows soap and air to mix to produce foam. These holes are very small, so they are easy to plug. Therefore, if you add additives, such as thickener, flash agent, mica, powder coloring agent, etc., it may cause your small hole blockage, thus causing your foam pump to fail.

The above are the tips for maintaining foam pumps. If you can properly maintain your foam pump, then your foam pump will be used for a longer time.

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