Do You Know The Functions of Lotion Pumps?

Do You Know The Functions of Lotion Pumps?

At present, lotion pumps are packaged in various types of products because of their outstanding advantages. A lotion pump is a mechanical device that releases the contents in a predetermined form and has a sealing performance by the principle of vacuum generation by pressure. Since the more and more popular lotion dispensers, the competition among manufacturers of lotion pumps is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, lotion pumps suppliers have produced various types of emulsion pumps and added many additional functions like waterproof function. Do you know what their basic functions are for such a popular lotion pump? This article will introduce the basic functions of the lotion pump dispensers to help you better understand the lotion pumps.

The reasons why people use lotion pumps

There are many types of lotion dispenser pumps, such as screw lotion pumps and long nozzles lotion pumps. Lotion pumps usually help to store products tightly and correctly. And lotion pumps also have a locking mechanism, which can achieve a good sealing effect. In addition, there are many options for the size and appearance of lotion pumps. You can choose different sizes of lotion dispenser pump heads for your products, and choose the suitable color of the lotion pump according to your product packaging.

The basic functions of lotion pumps

Sealing function

All users do not want to buy products with sealing products. When you install suitable lotion pumps for your products, it means that you do not want the contents of your lotion pump bottles to leak. Therefore, the sealing function is an important requirement of products in the process of storage and transportation. Before buying a lotion pump, you need to know the parameters of the lotion pump to choose the appropriate lotion pump.

Pumping function of lotion pump head

Another attractive feature of lotion pumps is the pumping function. This characteristic is that an equal volume of liquid material can be extracted every time for consumers to use.

Pump output

This function refers to the volume of material discharged by the lotion pump every time when the lotion pump is used.

Pneumatic times

This function refers to the number of times the consumer opens the head and presses the head until the liquid comes out for the first time. 

The application of lotion pumps

By understanding the basic functions of lotion pumps, you should know why they are so popular in so many industries. They are widely used in automatic products, cosmetics, cleaning products, chemicals, food products, personal care products, pharmaceutical products and so on. Any liquid product with a strong viscosity can be installed in a lotion dispenser bottle container with a lotion pump. In addition, it is worth noting that when lotion pumps are applied in the pharmaceutical industry, lotion pumps can provide less pollution and a safer sanitary environment because of their good sealing function of lotion pumps.

Lotion pumps have the advantages of simple structures, stable functions, ease to use, environmental protection, and beautiful appearance, and have become a popular choice for people.

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