Why You Should Use Airless Bottles As Your Product Packaging Solution?

Why You Should Use Airless Bottles As Your Product Packaging Solution?

In today’s cosmetics packaging industry, there is a distribution technology system that can extend the shelf life of products without a negative impact on product quality. This technology is airless pump technology. Airless pump bottles protect sensitive products by preventing excessive exposure of products to the air. Airless pump bottles have no dip tube but have a diaphragm that can rise to discharge the product. When people press the pump head, it will produce a vacuum effect and draw the products upward. And airless bottles can distribute almost all the products in the bottles without leaving any waste. Therefore, people’s demand for airless bottles is increasing, and airless pump containers have become a good choice in many industries. The reason for the popularity of airless bottles will be introduced in detail below.

The working principle of airless bottles

The working principle of airless bottles is very simple. The airless dispenser works by vacuum suction, which helps push the small disc at the bottom of the bottle upward, and then push the product upward. There is a small hole at the bottom of the airless bottle, which helps to inhale air to help push the disc upward, but this small hole is not a threat to the internal products, so the internal products will not overflow or leak from the bottom.

The reasons why airless bottles are so popular

Reduce air pollution

Airless bottles usually have an automatic airlock nozzle, which can prevent your product from contacting air and pollutants, so as to reduce product pollution and keep the product fresh.

Reduce waste

If you choose to use the lotion pump to distribute the product, you may accidentally draw out too much lotion and have nowhere to apply it, resulting in waste. However, the product pumped out of the airless bottle is the same every time, which can avoid the waste caused by too much pumped-out products. In addition, with the help of the vacuum system, the airless vacuum pump bottle can pump out all the products in the bottle.

Pump out your product at any angle

In the minds of some consumers, the product can be pumped out only when the bottle remains upright. But for airless bottles, you can pump out your product from any angle.

Unique design

The double-wall of airless bottles will give customers the sense of using a luxury product. And the double wall of airless bottles can also play a double protective role for the products in the bottle.


Airless bottles can be reused. When you have finished using your product, you can remove the pump and return the disc to the bottom and rinse the bottle with mild soapy water. Then you can fill other products into the reusable airless pump bottle for use.

What should we pay attention to when using airless bottles?

Since airless bottles are contracted by the force of the spring, which prevents air from entering the bottle to form airless bottles. However, if the spring force and air pressure cannot give enough power to the piston, the bottle may not allow the product to come out of the bottle due to resistance. In addition, if the piston moves forward too easily, it indicates that there may be some problems with the quality of the airless pump dispenser, and the liquid in the bottle is easy to leak.

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