Top 5 Most Well-Known Fishing Umbrella Brands

Top 5 Most Well-Known Fishing Umbrella Brands

For avid anglers, having a reliable fishing umbrella is a must-have accessory. A good quality fishing umbrella will protect you from the sun and rain, allowing you to stay comfortable and focused while waiting for that big catch. In this blog post, we will countdown the top 5 best-known fishing umbrella brands on the market and discuss what makes them stand out.

#5 – Samsonite

Samsonite is primarily known for their luggage, but they also produce a variety of outdoor gear including fishing umbrellas. Their umbrellas are made with rugged polyester material that is water and UV resistant. The Samsonite fishing umbrellas come in a range of sizes, from compact 34” models to large 64” options.

The best features of the Samsonite fishing umbrellas are their portability and affordability. The umbrellas fold up nicely into a carry case for easy transport. They are also moderately priced between $30-$60 making them a budget-friendly option. One downside is that some anglers report issues with the umbrella ribs bending in strong winds. Overall, Samsonite makes a decent entry-level fishing umbrella.

#4 – Windbuster

Windbuster is a company that specializes solely in umbrellas for outdoor adventures including fishing, golf, and beach days. Their fishing umbrellas come in a variety of sizes and colors to match your needs.

Windbuster umbrellas are distinguished by their fiberglass ribs which are flexible but also extremely durable in windy conditions. Their vented canopy allows air to flow through while also blocking UV rays. Most Windbuster models also come with sand anchors and convenient storage bags.

The major advantage of Windbuster umbrellas is their performance in wind. Their innovative designs make them very stable even when gusts pick up. The major drawback is they tend to be on the expensive end running from $70 up to $150. However, the quality is hard to beat.

#3 – Blissun

Blissun is an umbrella company founded in 2011 that has quickly grown in reputation for their fishing gear. They are best known for their “NeverWet” technology which coats the umbrella fabric to make it highly water repellent. This causes rain to bead and roll off the surface.

Most Blissun fishing umbrellas are made with rugged steel ribs and often include sand anchors for stability. Their specialized push button tilt mechanism allows you to easily adjust the angle to block the sun or rain. The Blissun umbrellas also come with carrying cases and warranty coverage.

The super water repellent fabric on Blissun umbrellas is unmatched. They are also reasonably priced between $50-$80. The biggest complaint is the push button tilt function can sometimes get stuck. Overall, Blissun makes high-quality, innovative fishing umbrellas.

#2 – Shaddock

Shaddock is a lesser known but rapidly growing fishing gear company based in the United States. Their umbrellas feature large canopies with vented windows to improve air flow while blocking UV exposure. The ribs are made from strengthened fiberglass to provide flexibility and strength.

One unique feature of Shaddock fishing umbrellas is their double layer canopy. This includes an outer layer that is UV coated and weather resistant. Under that is a silver coated inner layer to repel heat. The combination helps block sunlight from all angles.

Shaddock umbrellas also include sand anchors, carrying bags, and adjustable tilting mechanisms. Users compliment the excellent sun and rain protection provided. The only major complaint is the heavier double layer canopies can be prone to flipping inside out in intense winds. Overall, Shaddock makes great high-end fishing umbrellas.

#1 – RainStoppers

RainStoppers is one of the oldest and most trusted fishing umbrella brands on the market today. Their umbrellas feature sturdy steel ribs with metallic polyester fabric that is highly water resistant. The push button tilt functionality allows you to easily adjust the canopy throughout the day.

RainStoppers umbrellas come in a huge range of sizes from compact to extra extra-large models spanning nearly 9 feet! This makes it easy to find an umbrella suited for your needs. They also have excellent anchor stability and carrying cases.

The key advantage of RainStoppers is their reputation – they are tried and true umbrellas built to last. The biggest drawback is the price – their high-end models can run over $100. However, for serious anglers looking for maximum sun and rain protection, RainStoppers are the top choice.


Having a reliable fishing umbrella is a vital accessory for any dedicated angler. When choosing an umbrella, be sure to consider size, adjustability, durability in wind, and UV/rain protection. The top fishing umbrella brands featured here offer excellent products to suit a wide range of needs and budgets. Protect yourself from the elements and stay comfortable out on the water with a high quality fishing umbrella!

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