The Best Umbrella Wholesale Style

The Best Umbrella Wholesale Style

Umbrellas are an essential accessory that come in handy during rainy and sunny weather. They not only protect us from getting drenched but also provide shade from harmful UV rays. For business owners looking to stock stylish and functional umbrellas for retail, buying them wholesale ensures the best prices and latest designs. This article will explore the variety of umbrellas available on the wholesale market, best umbrella bulk buying tips, and popular umbrella designs that sell.

Bulk Rain Umbrellas

Rain umbrellas are the most utilitarian umbrellas used primarily for protection against rain showers and storms. The classic straight rain umbrella design features a long pole with curved handle and manual open and close mechanism ideal for dry coverage. Bulk ordering dozens of rain umbrellas ensures ample stock for seasons of high demand.

The most popular wholesale rain umbrellas are:

  • Automatic Open Umbrellas: Featuring an automatic button-triggered opening mechanism, these provide quick coverage with one hand. Multiple color options available.
  • Clear Rain Umbrellas: Transparent vinyl rain umbrellas allow visibility while protecting in the rain. Great for school children or busy city commuters.
  • Extra-Large Golf Umbrellas: With canopy diameters ranging from 60 to 80 inches, these wide canopied umbrellas provide spacious coverage for families and couples. Ideal for events, resorts, and golf links.
  • Compact Folding Umbrellas: Lightweight umbrellas that fold into half their size for easy carrying and storage in bags, perfect to stash for sudden showers.
  • Kids Umbrellas: Adorable kid-sized rain umbrellas in fun cartoon and animal designs make great giveaways for children’s events and family theme parks.

When buying dozens of rain umbrellas in bulk, look for durability elements like double layered canopies, sturdy frames (steel, wood, aluminum), molded handles and windproof features to withstand weather elements. Choose length based on primary target users – compact to large.

Colorful Umbrellas Bulk

Adding pops of color to any retail store helps attract attention. Stocking colorful umbrellas in wholesale bulk quantities ensures eye-catching displays. From gorgeous summer scenes to trendy patterns, umbrellas not only accessorize outfits but also enliven moods with their vibrant hues.

Some popular colorful umbrella prints in bulk include:

  • Floral prints: Vibrant flowers like roses, hydrangeas, cherry blossoms painted across white or black canopies project fresh romantic feels.
  • Tropical/resort scenes: Beach vistas with palm trees, drinks conjure vacation vibes. Ideal for hospitality retail.
  • Geometric shapes: Funky diamonds, triangles, circles in contrasting colors make edgy fashion statements.
  • Animal/bird prints: Cute turtle, ladybug, owl designed umbrellas appeal to kids and youth.
  • Pop culture graphics: Trendy images of stars, brands appeal to teens and millennials.
  • Sky patterns: Blue skies with wispy clouds or rainbow variants color coordinate any outfit.

Choosing assorted colorful prints in 6-12 mixed bulk umbrella packs provides variety for shoppers with 50+ quantity ensuring adequate supply. Consider seasonal themes and gifting potential for demand.

Wholesale Blank Umbrellas

Beyond pre-printed designs, plain blank umbrellas allow full creative customization freedom through branding elements like logos, mottoes to craft promotional gifts. Businesses and organizations can imprint their own marketing messages easily on these canopies to amplify awareness by giving away branded umbrellas at company events, trade shows, fundraisers etc.

Types of blank umbrellas available in bulk include:

  • Single layered manual umbrellas: Classic manual open and shut umbrellas with 11 inch arc. Ideal for small to medium logo graphics.
  • Auto open oversized umbrellas: Large 8 ribbed 60 inch arc golf umbrellas with handsfree opening mechanism provides ample imprint space for sponsors’ logos and event details.
  • Foldable reverse umbrellas: Innovative inverted fold design with multiple panel logo spots for branding freedom. Comes in a sleeve case for gift sets.
  • Clear bubble umbrellas: See-through canopy and curved handle offer visible all-over, edge-to-edge imprint space for transparent 3D effects
  • Kids umbrellas: Fun, cute children’s umbrellas allow placing school logos, mascots to complement kids rainwear as giveaway goodies

Wholesale blank umbrellas available from 100 piece bulk minimum order in a wide range of colors allow creating completely customized promotional umbrellas at affordable pricing to increase branding and access prime advertising through useful gifts.

Best Umbrella Wholesale Buying Tips

When buying fashionable umbrellas in bulk for resale or promotional distribution, look at these important aspects:

  • Quantity discounts: Order 100+ pieces to avail best wholesale rates up to 40% lower retail prices
  • Product range: Select 20+ design variety including automatic, colors, prints, sizes to provide consumer choice year-round.
  • Durability: Assess frame, pole, canopy quality with wind tests for longevity and safety.
  • Brand reputation: Source reputable umbrella manufacturers via Alibaba for consistent quality and delivery
  • Packaging: Branded retail packaging offers gifting convenience and drives sales
  • Minimum Order: Opt for suppliers with low 50-100 MOQ for lower inventory risk
  • Logistics: Ensure warehouse infrastructure for bulk inventory storage and delivery
  • Personalization: Pick vendors offering logo imprinting, labeling, accessories to boost branding
  • Display Stands: Purchase counter top and floor umbrella stands to highlight products in-store

Finding the right umbrella wholesaler offering diverse trendy umbrellas at affordable bulk rates can provide high ROI for year-round sales. Use colorful creative displays with smart bundling to attract customers of all ages to any retail store.


Umbrellas are versatile accessories used by everyone. Stocking the latest wholesale rain, color and blank umbrellas ensures fresh trendy choices for every buyer while building a sound profit margin. Use the category buying and display tips to select styles that sell this season! Provide exceptional service and thoughtful add-ons like personalization, cases and gift wrapping to drive profits from umbrellas all year round.

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