The Most Popular Umbrella Styles Right Now

The Most Popular Umbrella Styles Right Now

Umbrellas are a practical accessory that most people use only when it’s raining. But umbrellas can also be a fashion statement and expression of personal style. The umbrella market offers a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs to fit everyone’s tastes. In recent years, new innovations and twists on classic umbrella styles have emerged. Here is an overview of some of the most popular umbrella styles on the market right now.

Classic Straight Umbrella

The classic straight umbrella is the most common and widely used umbrella style. It has a long, straight handle with a collapsible canopy that runs parallel to the handle. The shaft is usually made of wood or aluminum and the canopy is made of nylon or polyester. This umbrella is affordable, durable, and provides good coverage from rain. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, from small foldable ones to large golf umbrellas. The straight umbrella is a timeless, versatile choice suitable for men, women, and children.

Compact Folding Umbrellas

Folding umbrellas provide all the functionality of regular umbrellas in a more compact size. They have telescoping shafts and foldable canopies that collapse into small packages, making them super portable and easy to stash in purses, bags, and briefcases. Many compact folding umbrellas are ultralight with aluminum or fiberglass frames. Extra small models like the collapsible pocket umbrella fold down to just 6 or 7 inches. They are perfect for tucking into a glove compartment, backpack, or coat pocket. Folding umbrellas come in an assortment of colors and designs ideal for commuters and frequent travelers.

Inverted Umbrellas

Inverted, or reverse, umbrellas flip the canopy inside out when closed. The wet canopy folds inward, keeping water from dripping everywhere and allowing the umbrella to stand upright on its own. Inverted umbrella designs often feature C-shaped handles to facilitate entering and exiting cars without closing the umbrella. The inverted style first gained popularity in Asia and has now gone mainstream around the world. These inside out umbrellas are ideal for getting in and out of vehicles in the rain without water spills. They are excellent for city commuters, parents with kids, and ridesharing services.

Bubble Umbrellas

Bubble umbrellas have curved canopies that enclose the user in a plastic or plexiglass bubble, protecting from rain, wind, and splashes. They provide more coverage than traditional umbrellas. Many bubble umbrella canopies are entirely transparent for maximum visibility, while others are tinted or opaque. The enclosed design shields against both rain and sun, making them suitable in all weather. Bubble umbrellas tend to be heavier and more expensive than regular umbrellas. However, their futuristic silhouette and protective bubble shape make them one of the most stylish umbrellas around.

Upside Down Umbrellas

As the name implies, upside down umbrellas flip the canopy upside down to keep the wet top side inward when closed. They typically have a double canopy with vents to allow airflow and promote drying. Like inverted umbrellas, the upside down design allows you to close the umbrella and place it down without rain runoff. But upside down umbrellas have an added advantage — the inverted top means the dry handle stays clean and water doesn’t drip from the shaft. This style combines fashion and function for the ultimate in drip-free umbrellas.

Clear Umbrellas

Clear plastic umbrellas have transparent canopies made from vinyl or PVC, allowing you to see and be seen while staying dry. They are fashionable accessories that make a statement while protecting you from the elements. Clear umbrellas come in a range of vivid colors like red, blue, pink, and purple for those looking to get noticed. They are also available in plain, see-through plastic. Transparent umbrellas are perfect for repelling rain without obstructing your view. They are ideal accessories for music festivals, sporting events, and sightseeing.

Rainbow Umbrellas

Rainbow umbrellas have colorful, multi-patterned canopies with a fun, playful vibe. They typically feature stripes or geometric color blocks in every shade of the rainbow. Some have rainbows printed or embroidered onto solid black canopies. Rainbow umbrellas are uplifting accessories that express the wearer’s personality. They are a cheerful statement for kids as well as adults. This whimsical style offers multi-colored illumination on cloudy, rainy days.

Ruffle Umbrellas

Ruffle umbrellas add a touch of personality with their fancy canopy edge. The upper edge of the canopy features a ruffled border in a contrasting color or pattern. The ruffles may be neatly pleated or free-flowing. They are often made from lace, chiffon, mesh and other lightweight, filmy fabrics. Ruffle umbrellas have a delicate, feminine vibe for those who want to soften the utilitarian umbrella shape. They provide functionality with a dash of style and whimsy.

Gold and Silver Umbrellas

Metallic umbrellas in gold, silver, copper, bronze and more make the necessary umbrella into a fashion accessory. They have reflective coatings or metallic colors on the canopy and shaft. Some have canopies printed with metallic foil designs. Gold and silver umbrellas project luxury and sophistication. They lend a glam touch to rainy weather while shielding you in style. Metallic umbrellas are popular choices for formal occasions like weddings, red carpet events, and nights out on the town.

Patterned Umbrellas

From polka dots to paisley, patterned umbrellas add a customized look with personal flair. Prints and designs give umbrellas visual interest and uniqueness. Floral umbrellas with colorful blossom prints are a longtime favorite. Graphic umbrellas make a fun, edgy fashion statement. Others feature abstract shapes or graphic stripes. Custom printed umbrellas can display photos, logos, or text designs. Patterns allow you to transform a plain umbrella into a signature reflection of your style.

Umbrellas with Accessories

Some umbrellas go beyond basic functionality with bonus accessories and features. Built-in lights on umbrellas help illuminate your path at night. Handle straps free your hands when not in use. Cup holders in the shaft let you safely hold a beverage. Mini fans and misters provide cooling comfort on hot sunny days. Bluetooth speakers built into umbrella handles play music. Storage handles contain tools like screwdrivers or flasks. While accessories add weight and cost, they provide added convenience and versatility.

Kids and Animal Umbrellas

Cute umbrella styles for kids and animal lovers showcase playful shapes and designs. Kid umbrellas often show colorful cartoon characters, storybook scenes, or kid-friendly patterns. Animal umbrellas have canopy edges trimmed with plush creatures, animal faces on the canopy, or handles shaped like animals. Popular motifs include cats, dogs, teddy bears, and wild animals. Kids and animal umbrellas add a touch of whimsy for rainy days. They make practical umbrellas fun and entertaining.


Umbrellas have come a long way from their purely functional origins. Today there are stylish designs to elevate any rainy day and express your personal taste. From inverted and transparent to ultra-compact and animal-themed, the options are endless. No matter your aesthetics or needs, there are umbrella styles that will keep you dry in fashionable form. The popularity of creative shapes and designs shows that umbrellas are no longer bland rain tools – they are customizable accessories. Next time you need an umbrella, consider one of these popular umbrella styles that give both form and function.

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