Some of the Metal Earrings That Are Trending on the Market Right Now

Some of the Metal Earrings That Are Trending on the Market Right Now

Metal earrings are a timeless accessory that can instantly elevate any outfit. While styles come and go, metal earrings remain a staple in jewelry collections worldwide. In recent years, we’ve seen some exciting new metal earring trends emerge. From updated takes on classics to innovative shapes and designs, there are many on-trend metal earrings worth adding to your jewelry box.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most popular metal earring trends dominating the market right now. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or mixed metals, you’re sure to find a pair that suits your personal style. Read on for an overview of metal earring styles that are hot for 2023 and beyond.


Earrings are one of the most versatile jewelry pieces to own. They can be dressed up or down seamlessly and lend personality to any look. For those who love the luxe sheen of metals, metal earrings are a must-have accessory. The right pair can make an outfit truly pop.

Metal earrings come in all shapes and sizes for pierced ears. Gold, silver, rose gold, and mixed metal earrings are prevalent right now. Vintage-inspired shapes with modern twists are also popular for those wanting a unique metal earring look.

Below we will explore some of the top metal earring trends taking the jewelry market by storm. From chunky hoops to dangling shapes, sculptural styles and more, these metal earrings are sophisticated and eye-catching. Read on to discover the metal earring trends you need to know about this year!

Chunky Hoops

Chunky hoop earrings show no signs of going out of style. The past few seasons, oversized hoops in gold, silver, and two-tone metals have been seen on runways and street style stars worldwide. Thick metal hoops make a statement and have an instantly cool, edgy vibe.

For 2023, chunky hoops remain a top trend. Look for thick hoops in materials like gold, silver, and stainless steel for shine. Hoops with design details like hammered textures, embellishments like pearls or gems, engraving, and mixed metal combinations are also on-trend. Wear them alone for an architectural flair or pair them with other earrings for a mixed metals, stacked effect. Chunky hoops work with everything from everyday denim to date night dresses.

Sculptural Statement Earrings

Unconventional shapes and avant-garde designs define one of the most directional metal earring trends: sculptural statement earrings. These artistic earrings feature 3D shapes that make an bold fashion statement. Sculptural earrings are conversational pieces sure to garner compliments.

Look for handcrafted statement earrings in oval, triangular, architectural asymmetrical, curved, and abstract sculptural shapes in silver, gold, and mixed metals. Some designs may incorporate additional materials like pearls or gemstones. Sculptural statement earrings are perfect for adding artsy flair to formal looks and minimalist outfits alike.

Dripping and Layered Metals

One sleek, modern metal earring trend is dripping and layered metal designs. These earrings feature liquid-like shapes and tapered metal pieces that “drip” down the ear. Layered metal plates and slender bars also create dimension and interest.

Gold, silver, and rose gold metals shine in these fluid styles. Look for asymmetric elongated shapes, arcs, and curved tapering bars. These earrings have a futuristic yet minimalist look that feels very fresh and new. Dripping and layered metal earrings add delicate elegance to casual and dressy outfits.

Single Statement Earrings

Make a bold style statement wearing a single statement earring. Wearing one impactful earring on one ear has been spotted on celebrities and fashion show runways as an edgy, unexpected look.

When selecting single statement earrings, go for styles with presence. Look for metals earrings with dangling shapes, asymmetric angles, funky designs, or enlarged proportions to really command attention. Gold, silver, and mixed metal choices in sleek, modern, minimal, or vintage-inspired styles work beautifully for the single earring trend.


For those with multiple piercings, huggie earrings are trending. Huggies are earrings that “hug” the curve of the earlobe closely. Popularized in the 90s, these tight-fitting hoops are back in vogue for their understated glam.

Look for petite huggie hoops in gold, silver, rose gold, and white gold. Many feature diamonds or other stones for extra sparkle. For a modern take, try hammered or twisted metal huggies for subtle texture. Wear these close hoops alone or layered with other earrings depending on your piercings. Effortlessly chic, huggies are versatile metal earrings for everyday.

Geometric Earrings

Geometric earrings are graphic and eye-catching. Triangles, circles, squiggles, and abstract shapes define this architectural earring trend. Geometric earrings have a sculptural, artistic vibe perfect for making any outfit more contemporary.

Look for angular earrings in asymmetric shapes, uneven circles, zigzags, and other atypical geometrics. Gold, silver, and mixed metal choices provide shine. Try hammered or etched finishes for added interest and texture. Geometric earrings range from minimalist to bold based on proportion and design. Modern and artsy, these metal earrings make even basics feel edgy and chic.

Drop Earrings

No metal earring roundup is complete without darling drops. Timeless and elegant, drop earrings are versatile jewelry box staples. For 2023, elongated drop earrings in creative new shapes are trending.

Look for teardrop, oval, triangular, abstract, and curved drop earrings that dangle and sway gracefully. Hammered, wavy, and angled textures on drops are also on-trend. Go for rose gold, silver, or gold metal drops for a luxe finish. Embellished drops with gem accents provide an extra dose of sparkle. From daytime meetings to evening events, metal drop earrings polish any look.


Metal earrings are the perfect way to elevate both casual and formal looks. For 2023, keep an eye out for chunky hoops, sculptural statement styles, layered liquid-like shapes, single statement earrings, huggies, geometric designs, and artistic drop earrings when shopping.

With so many on-trend metal earrings to choose from, you can easily find options to match your personal style. Work these fashionable metal earrings into your wardrobe rotation to stay looking chic all season long. Their eye-catching designs will draw plenty of compliments.

So next time you are browsing earrings, consider one of these hot metal styles. The right pair of metal earrings can pull your whole look together. Shop some of the most covetable metal earring trends of the year for striking additions to your jewelry collection.

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