These things you need to know about metal trinkets

These things you need to know about metal trinkets

Metal trinkets like pendants, charms, and decorative pieces have remained popular jewelry and accessory items for centuries. The intricate detailing, shine, and weight of metal trinkets make them appealing statement pieces. While precious metals and gemstones can drive costs up, there are plenty of affordable metal trinket options. This blog will explore the behind-the-scenes process of how metal trinkets are made, factors impacting costs, and recommend quality brands selling metal trinkets at accessible price points.

The Creation Process

Most metal trinkets start as raw metal materials like silver, copper, brass, iron or pewter. The raw metal is melted down and alloyed with other metals to achieve the desired properties like color, durability, shine and weight. The liquid molten metal is poured into molds, allowed to cool and harden, then removed from the molds.

Additional finishing and polishing is done by hand or machine to smooth surfaces, bevel edges, add texture, polish, and prepare the metal for further detailing. Stamping machines can imprint designs onto the metal surface. Lost wax casting is another technique used for more intricate shaped trinkets. A wax model is carved by hand, then coated in a ceramic slurry which hardens into a mold. The wax melts out when the mold is heated, and molten metal is poured in to form the detailed shape.

Stones, enamels, and patinas can be added for color and design. Stones are set into carved out areas and secured with prongs or adhesive. Enamels (colored glass) are fused onto the metal through high heat. Chemical patinas interact with the metal to create colored finishes like antique bronze or oxidized silver. Plating techniques like electroplating can add thin layers of precious metals like gold over base metals.

After polishing and final touches, pieces are inspected for quality control. Mass produced items are churned out quickly, while handmade and custom work takes more time. Overall, metalworking is an intricate process requiring skill, artistic vision, and attention to detail to create metal masterpieces.

Factors Impacting Cost

There are several variables that determine the costs of producing metal trinkets:

  • Metal Type – Pure precious metals like sterling silver and gold are more expensive. Costs go down for alloys, plated metals, and base metals like iron or copper.
  • Production Method – Handcrafting in small batches or custom work costs more than mass production. Intricate casting and molding methods add labor and time.
  • Stone/Gemstones – Natural gemstones or precios stones like diamonds raise costs. Machine cut stones are cheaper than hand cut.
  • Size/Weight – More metal content equals higher raw material costs.
  • Brand Name – Branded designer pieces or companies based in high wage locations have higher overhead.
  • Shipping – Importing trinkets or shipping from online sellers adds to costs.
  • Retail Markups – Traditional retailers have higher markups than online stores. Boutiques markup pieces more than department stores.
  • Trends – Styles growing in popularity or utilizing costly production have higher prices.

With these factors in mind, let’s look at some affordable metal trinket brands.

Affordable Metal Trinket Brands

  1. Banter by Pierced Owl

This LA based jewelry startup offers hip minimalist designs plated in 14k gold and sterling silver. You can get earrings, necklaces, and layerable trinkets for under $30. Their best-selling coin necklace and initial pendants make great gifts.

  1. Mejuri

Mejuri is a popular fine jewelry brand from Canada selling pieces made of vermeil, solid gold and gemstones. Their classic and trendy trinkets like zodiac medallions, initial necklaces, and engraved pendants range from $25-$150.

  1. BaubleBar

For sparkly yet affordable fashion jewelry, you can’t go wrong with BaubleBar. Their metal trinket selection includes Initial and pendant necklaces starting at $12. Charm bracelets and earrings are under $30.

  1. Etsy Shops

Etsy offers tons of handmade and vintage metal trinkets usually priced below major retailers. Search shops like DeRangedDesigns, MetalMedley, and TheMetalTrinketShop for unique finds under $25.

  1. Amazon Collection Brands

Amazon has their own affordable jewelry lines like Stone & Strand. Their metal necklaces, earrings and more are mostly $15-$30. Brands like Pavoi, Bony Bridge and Amazon Essentials also offer Prime eligible trinkets under $20.


The process of transforming raw metals into polished jewelry trinkets requires skill and precision. While cost varies based on materials, production, and design, there are plenty of affordable options from trendy brands. For quality metal trinkets on a budget, check out the brands mentioned here like Banter, Mejuri, BaubleBar and Etsy shops. With some savvy shopping, you can find beautiful metal trinkets to suit your style.

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