The 10 Most Well-Known Tent Brands

The 10 Most Well-Known Tent Brands

For outdoor adventurers, having a reliable tent is a must-have for comfortable camping trips and expeditions. With so many tent brands on the market featuring different shapes, sizes, materials and features, it can get overwhelming determining which manufacturer to trust for your portable shelter needs. By learning about the tent industry’s top established brands and evaluating critical factors like construction quality, weather protection, weight, capacity and cost can simplify the decision. This guide covers 10 leading tent makers that have earned reputations for durable, versatile and innovative tent designs ready for everything from family car camping to Everest expeditions. Read on to discover the prime tent brand options to consider for your next outdoor escape!

1 The North Face

In operation for over 50 years, The North Face remains a premier brand amongst mountaineers, backpackers and campers seeking high performance tents engineered for extreme conditions. Their iconic dome and tunnel styles perform across four season conditions from summer backpacking to Himalayan range expeditions. Utilizing ultra-light yet rugged waterproof and breathable fabrics matched with trusted components like Easton Syclone poles and durable water repellant coatings enable reliable shelters. Their Mountain and VE tents collections carry legacy status and integrate livable vestibules and fine-tuned ventilation. Reasonably priced three season designs like the Wawona also satisfy family and festival needs while their FUTURELIGHTTM material sets new standards for strength versus pack weight. Across all designs durability never gets compromised.

2 Big Agnes

Colorado-based Big Agnes garners big praise for aiming at the lightweight backpacking market with innovative, packable tent designs without skimping on quality. Nylon and polyester blends make their tents both feathery and supremely durable. The Copper Spur models win awards as ultralight shelters ready for harsh alpine environments while remaining easy to pitch with color coded connective systems. Conducive to multi-day solo treks, these semi-freestanding double wall tents integrate sturdy DAC pole frameworks with proprietary patterns that minimize condensation. Vestibules allow gear storage without obstruction. For groups, their larger Super Scarp pole supported designs deliver exceptional interior space thanks to vertical walls and multi-hub pole assemblies. Reasonable prices coupled with clever, weight saving features makes Big Agnes a prime choice for ounce-counting wilderness wanderers.


This innovative New England tent crafter only formed in 2002 but NEMO’s commitment to pushing shelter technologies forward fast earned their stellar industry reputation. Clever designs which maximize livable space, integrate thoughtful touches and keep weight low attract loyal fans. Their award winning Hornet model expertly balances weight, price and pack size for ultra-light thru hiking needs. Side door entry and glow in the dark components add convenience while quality build components like precision sheets and pressure equalized rain flies provide durable weather protection. Popular car camping and glamping styles like the Wagontop and Autumn Lodge tempt the posh crowd with copious headroom and uncommon shapes configurable into multi-chamber layouts perfect for families or couples. Durable materials withstand the rigors of full season New England weather. While on the pricey end, NEMO tents deliver exceptional versatility, reliability and livability.

4 Marmot

Trusted by outdoor enthusiasts for over 40 years, Marmot churns out technically advanced and precision engineered tents ready for everything from summer festivals to winter expeditions up Denali. Utilizing bombproof silnylon fabrics matched with person-tested aluminum DAC Featherlite NLR pole frameworks makes their rugged, lightweight designs uniquely able to withstand harsh mountain gales and long term abuse. Well balanced combination of freight tent frames with reliable clips ensures both quick pitch and stand up to elements. Roomier designs like the Limestone 4P nicely accommodate families with clever color coded clip systems while minimal versions like the Atom tent shelter thru hikers and climbers. Unique shelters like the orb-shaped Force UL perfectly balance interior space, ventilation and weight. While catering to the premium price point, Marmot builds their tents for the long haul – making them a sound investment for serious outdoor lovers.

5 Coleman

The historic Coleman company holds special nostalgia for generations raised camping under their iconic green tents. Founded way back in 1900, they aim to make camping more comfortable and convenient for everyone. Renown for family sized designs offering copious interior space with affordable pricing, their signature dome and cabin styles remain outdoor best sellers. Heavy duty telescoping steel and aluminum poles provide reliable structure year after year while thick water resistant fabrics shield rain so no one sleeps soggy. Extended awnings increase livable space during downpours or scorching sun. Convenient hinged doors, mesh roof vents and integrated loft storage pockets simplify living. While favoring bulk over ultra-light, Coleman does offer innovative pop-up and multi-room designs needing only minutes to deploy. Teaming with outdoor icon REI for special edition tents also recognizes their legacy. While hardcore mountaineers look elsewhere – Coleman tents invite first timers and families into affordable camping fun.


Seattle based MSR maintains a narrower tent focus catering to backpackers, mountaineers and thru-hikers needing lightweight dependability summiting peaks or covering daily miles along remote trails. Their minimalist, technical Tunnel and Hubba Hubba NX designs excel for secure solo trekking across challenging alpine terrain and varied conditions. Easton Syclone tent poles team with precision tension trusses and micro guylines to enable standing firm in stormy winds and deep snow while silicone treated nylon Flysheet or Xtreme Shield fabrics resist interior moisture or storm penetration. Generous nearly-vertical walls and multiple interior pockets expand living space and organization. Making tents intuitive to setup after long days hiking also shows in color coded webbing and pole clips. While only offering a modest number of premium-priced designs, MSR tents engineered to their Exact Specifications give ounce counting wilderness explorers durable, weather-tested mobile homes.

7 ALPS Mountaineering

Offering hundreds of tent designs spanning backpacking to family base camp at very attractive pricing, ALPS Mountaineering delivers on choice. Favoring versatile, hubbed pole assemblies using quality 7000 series aluminum matched with proprietary poly taffeta tent flys gives suitable 3-season reliability at lightweight budgets. Across all designs durability and weather resistance reigns supreme while nice touches like micromesh walls, gear lofts and extra guyout points check convenience boxes. Their best selling Zephyr and Mystique models pitch fast for solo explorers thanks to innovative pole clips, pole pockets and pin-and-ring systems. For car campers, the Cavalier Bunkhouse and Pinecliffe Ensure family stays dry at prices shy of $200. As a bonus, ALPS-designed air pads integrate seamlessly while leave-no-trace ethics show in their support for Tread Lightly!. Budget-minded outdoor lovers find everything needed under the ALPS tent brand.

8 Kelty

Classically associated with external frame backpacks, reliable tent and sleeping bags round out Kelty’s 100+ years providing quality outdoor gear to all adventurer types. Unfussy silnylon and polyester shell fabrics team up with shock-corded fiberglass poles across their designs for steadfast performance against the elements without excessive weight. Clever clips and intuitively color coded poles enable quick pitch while their Stargazing and AirPitch inflatable models wow with nearly instant setup. Light hikers love their solo backpacking options like the Salida 2 while van campers gravitate towards their 4-person designs with ample standing room like the Discovery. Convenient gear lofts, storage pockets and “no-see-um” mesh keep utility high. While pricing runs very reasonable, thoughtful touches like noiseless fabrics show Kelty tents offer versatile, time-tested portable shelters ready to deploy across almost any conditions while keeping costs family friendly.

9 Sierra Designs

Celebrating over 50 years supporting wilderness enthusiasts, Sierra Designs commits fully to integrating clever design innovations so campers better connect with natural environments. Patented solutions like their revolutionary CLIPO clip assemblies and integrated QuickFloor kick open airy simplicity while still standing strong when winds whip. Ultra silnylon and ripstop fabrics match with proven aluminum poles for keeping safe across all seasons. Award winning models like the Meteor Lite and Clip Flashlight serve solo hikers well thanks to secure single wall builds with zippered panels to enable stargazing. On the family front, drives up camper pleasures with convertible floor plans configurable over multiple rooms so kids and parents enjoy privacy. Convenience options like media pockets and lofted sleeping zones maintain morale during weather delays. While definitely skewing premium in price, Sierra Designs equips nature lovers with creative tents eliminating fussy setups so fun comes quicker.

10 Eureka

Trusted by Boy Scouts and budget conscious campers for over 100 years, Eureka tents bring no frills reliable shelter across all skill levels without breaking budgets. Handsome designs favored by the National Park Service boast quality construction able stand up to miles of rough use thanks to brawny steel and fiberglass poles coupled with coated nylon canopies. Convenient pull pole assemblies enable fast setup. Well balanced combination of freight tent frames with reliable clips ensures both quick pitch and standing strong against elements. Offering both modern geodesic styles and timeless timberline models means wide appeal from festival goers to lifetime explorers. While steering clear of unusable bells and whistles helps their tents price more palatably, clever touches like shaded mesh roof panels and end entrances still ease living. For families and first timers not needing boutique materials or ultralight packs, Eureka crafts rugged tents ready to pitch across backyards and public lands reliably for years.


When selecting an outdoor tent, established brand reputation counts heavily towards determining which shelter will safest shield through years of adventures on the trail, up rocky faces and across mountain meadows. Industry leaders like The North Face, Big Agnes and Marmot design technically advanced tents ready for the demands of hardcore expeditions and thru hikes thanks supremely durable, waterproof fabrics and components engineered not to fail. Easy to pitch designs from user-focused brands like NEMO and Sierra Designs connect campers quicker to stargazing and views. Classics like Coleman and Eureka offer bulletproof designs favored by generations of casual campers thanks to family friendly sizing and pricing. Lightweight choices of Kelty, ALPS and MSR give minimalists trying to trim every ounce without sacrificing quality places to temporarily call home in the backcountry. Now knowing today’s top tent brand options simplifies picking out the perfect portable dwelling supporting your specific camping adventures!

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