Do You Know The Differences Of A Perfume Atomizer vs A Bottled Perfume?

Do You Know The Differences Of A Perfume Atomizer vs A Bottled Perfume?

In the world, fragrance is the human favorite, beautiful smell feeling, but also a kind of spiritual enjoyment. When people smell the fragrance, they will feel spiritual pleasure and make the people who use it more attractive and eye-catching. As perfume is loved by more and more people, perfume manufacturers have developed many kinds of perfume varieties and packaging. According to the survey, some consumers love perfume just because of the special packaging of perfume bottles. So what kind of perfume packaging can attract the eyes of customers? Next, this article will show you by comparing perfume atomizers and bottled perfume in the market.

There are two main types of bottled perfume in the market. One is perfume atomizer. This is a small empty bottle with atomizer. This atomizers for perfume can better control the amount of perfume and less waste. Perfume atomizer can also prevent the deterioration and evaporation of perfume itself. The other is ordinary bottled perfume, which is a typical bottled container, mostly made of glass, with many different design options.

The comparison between perfume atomizer and bottled perfume


One of the reasons for using perfume bottles is that they are beautiful and beautifully designed. But most perfume bottles are made of glass, which are very heavy and occupy space. Fragrance atomizers are easy to carry, and perfume atomizers can also save more perfume. You can easily put perfume travel atomizer in your backpack pocket, and whether you need to travel or just attend an important gathering, you can always use your favorite perfume.


Although the perfume sprayers are always light and look very fragile. But don’t be fooled by the appearance of perfume bottle sprayers, perfume sprayers are really durable and easy to be filled. The usual perfume sprayers atomizers usually weighs about 12g, and they could provide about 50 times of spray. For many empty bottles, because this kind of perfume bottle may have unique design appearance and decorative advantages, it may reduce the usability of recycling.


For the cost, the cost of perfume sprayer is lower than that of perfume bottle, and it is easy to carry. When making perfume bottles, the perfume packaging manufacturers usually design some attractive appearances, which result in the high cost of perfume bottles. So the perfume sprayers are more cost effective and easy to carry.

Perfumes with atomizers are popular because of their portability and practicality, but there are many limitations in designing appearance. Ordinary perfume bottles can be designed in many styles and very attractive, but because most of them are made of glass, they are heavy and difficult to carry. For these two kinds of perfume bottles, people can choose their own perfume bottles according to their actual needs.

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