Umbrella Use and Daily Maintenance

Umbrella Use and Daily Maintenance


Umbrellas are an essential accessory for enduring rainy weather. While umbrellas are quite simple in design – a folding frame covered in waterproof fabric – they still require proper use and maintenance to function at their best. In this blog post, we’ll provide tips on using three common types of umbrellas – golf, folding, and automatic – and how to care for them on a regular basis. With the right techniques, your umbrella can last for years of reliable rain protection.

Using a Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are the largest type, often around 60 inches wide when open. Their extra-large canopies provide ample coverage and protection, making them ideal for very heavy rain. Walking with a golf umbrella requires holding the shaft straight up – don’t let it lean or rest on your shoulder. With the umbrella open, make sure to lift it high enough to avoid bumping people around you. The width of a golf umbrella means it’s best used in open outdoor spaces, not tightly crowded areas. When closing a golf umbrella, never let the wet canopy Outside of wet weather, store a golf umbrella in an umbrella stand or leaning against a wall – never laid flat, which can bend or break the ribs.

Using a Folding Umbrella

Folding umbrellas are smaller and more compact than golf styles. They collapse into a narrow shape convenient for stowing in bags and purses. Standard folding umbrellas range from around 33 to 43 inches wide when open. Hold a folding umbrella directly overhead when in use. Be careful not to let the edges poke passersby, and angling it slightly forward can help avoid drips. Folding umbrellas work well in tighter spaces like busy sidewalks, doorways, and public transportation. To close a folding umbrella, press the release button and guide the folds together gently – don’t simply slam it shut. Store folding umbrellas in a mesh pocket or outer section of a bag to allow drying and prevent water damage to contents.

Using an Automatic Open/Close Umbrella

Automatic umbrellas open at the press of a button, allowing you to have rain protection ready in seconds. Look for the opening button near the handle and press firmly. Once open, use as you would any other umbrella. When ready to close, press the release button and the umbrella will fold itself shut. Avoid trying to manually close an automatic umbrella as this can damage the mechanism. Listen for clicking sounds as the umbrella opens and closes to ensure all springs and levers are working correctly. Automatic umbrellas are convenient, but the moving parts mean they require more frequent maintenance. Store automatic umbrellas closed with the canvas cover on.

Daily Umbrella Maintenance

Taking care of your umbrella will maximize its lifespan and performance. Always allow a wet umbrella time to dry fully open before closing and storing – this prevents moisture damage to the fabric and ribs. Shake off excess rainwater before bringing an umbrella indoors. Wipe down wood and plastic handles occasionally with a damp cloth. Use a silicone spray to lubricate the moving parts on automatic umbrellas every few weeks. Check runners and tie-tacks on golf umbrellas and tighten or replace any loose ones. Re-wax cotton umbrellas once a year with beeswax to refresh waterproofing. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or bleach on umbrella fabrics. With regular TLC, you can enjoy years of reliable protection from the elements with your favorite umbrella.


Umbrellas are simple to use but benefit from some basic guidelines and maintenance. Follow these umbrella tips and you’ll get the most from golf, folding, and automatic styles rain or shine. With proper care, your umbrella will be ready to tackle stormy weather and keep you nice and dry. What’s your favorite type of umbrella? Share your top umbrella tips in the comments!

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