8 Umbrella Brands You Must Know

8 Umbrella Brands You Must Know

Staying dry on a rainy day is imperative, and having a high-quality umbrella can make all the difference. Umbrellas come in all shapes, sizes, colors and prices. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which brands are the best. This blog post will highlight eight of the top umbrella brands that are worth investing in.

1. Blunt

Founded in 2006, Blunt is a New Zealand company that has revolutionized the umbrella. What makes Blunt unique is their patented canopy design that prevents the umbrella from inverting in windy conditions. The signature look features rounded safety tips and ribs made from fiberglass. Blunt umbrellas range from $59 for the Metro model to $109 for the XL Storm Proof version. The added durability and revolutionary design makes Blunt a top choice for rain protection.

2. Totes

Totes is an American company that has been making high quality accessories since 1962. They are best known for their clear bubble umbrellas that provide full visibility while keeping you dry. The plastic canopy is built to withstand strong winds. Popular Totes models like the Clear Bubble Auto Open Umbrella go for $24. Totes umbrellas are affordable while still being well-constructed.

3. Senz°

This Netherlands based brand offers umbrellas with an avant-garde design. Senz° umbrellas utilize a teardrop shape with the canopy curving around the user. This aerodynamic shape provides more stability in wind versus traditional designs. Senz° umbrellas start around $48 for mini pocket models and go up to $98 for their full-sized Auto Open design. For those wanting an umbrella that stands out, Senz° is a great option.

4. Davek

California brand Davek sells luxury umbrellas that last a lifetime. Their quality craftsmanship means you may never need to replace a Davek umbrella. The frames are made from high-grade steel and hand-polished wood. These umbrellas can withstand hurricane-level winds up to 55 mph. The attention to detail doesn’t come cheap though. Davek umbrellas start at $99 and go up to $350 for limited editions. The splurge is worth it for an umbrella built to last.

5. GustBuster

GustBuster is a US company pioneering wind-resistant umbrellas for over 35 years. Their patented designs utilize flexible ribs that bend with the wind instead of breaking. Fiberglass shaft and metal alloys add reinforcement while the vents allow gusts of air to pass through. GustBuster umbrellas range from $20 for pocket models up to $49. While a bit pricier than drugstore varieties, GustBuster umbrellas can weather even the toughest storms.

6. ShedRain

This Oregon-based brand has been crafting umbrellas since 1928. They offer a wide selection with features like auto open/close, unique prints, and lightweight designs. The most popular Windjammer umbrellas withstand winds up to 60 mph and start at $30. Another interesting style is their hands-free Backpack Umbrella that allows you to keep your hands free during storms. Overall ShedRain umbrellas are known for their reliability and functionality.

7. London Undercover

This British brand adds sophistication and style to umbrellas. London Undercover is carried by high-end retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. Many of their designs feature luxury prints like polka dots, plaid, animal print and abstract patterns. Unique shapes include umbrellas styled like walking canes and transparent bubble styles. Prices start around $50 and go up to $100+ for limited edition pieces. London Undercover offersprotection against the rain along with major fashion flair.

8. Tumi

Travel accessory giant Tumi puts the same excellence into their umbrellas as their luggage. Sleek and durable, Tumi umbrellas are perfect for jetsetters and city commuters alike. Their best-selling Alpha 2 model features a wind-resistant frame, automatic open/close, and a shoulder strap for hands-free transportation. Tumi umbrellas range from $75 to $95. While at the higher end, Tumi umbrellas are an investment for those wanting superior performance with a touch of style.

When it comes to picking an umbrella, there are many factors to consider – weight, durability, style, and price. Hopefully this overview of eight top brands helps point you in the right direction. Companies like Blunt, Totes, and Davek offer crowd-pleasing classics, while brands like London Undercover and Tumi give you that stylish flair. Next storm, be sure to stay dry with one of these high-quality umbrella brands in hand!

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