How to choose a parasol? What is the difference between vinyl and silver glue? UPF value?

How to choose a parasol? What is the difference between vinyl and silver glue? UPF value?

In fact, there is still a problem:

How to choose a parasol?

First, look at the UPF value (try to choose products with UPF value greater than 50)

Only when the UPF value of the sample is greater than 30 and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, it can be called a “UV protection product”.

For the two terms UPF and UVA, it is also explained a little.

How to choose a parasol?How to choose a parasol?
UV index under sunshade umbrella

What is UPF?

A UPF value of 50 means that 1/50 of ultraviolet rays can pass through the fabric. The higher the UPF value, the better the protection effect of ultraviolet rays. However, the highest UPF value of textiles in some national standards is 50+, that is, UPF>50. Because after the UPF is greater than 50, the effect on the human body is completely negligible. After the UPF is greater than 50, the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human body is basically negligible.

What is UVA?

UVA band is part of the ultraviolet wavelength division, wavelength 320~420nm, also known as long-wave black spot effect ultraviolet. It has strong penetrating power, UVA can reach the dermis layer of the skin, destroy elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and tan the skin.

Do not believe the merchant’s statement, and ask for proof of the inspection report of the UV protection coefficient

Second, look at the area of the parasol (choose the umbrella with as large an area as possible within the acceptable range)

This is well understood, ultraviolet rays are irradiated from all directions, the larger the area of the umbrella, the better the effect can be resisted, and when selecting, the weight and length after the umbrella (suitable for bags) are acceptable, choose the umbrella with the largest possible umbrella area.

PS: for the choice of silver glue and vinyl (vinyl is better than silver glue)

The only test for the adhesive layer is the UPF value

It is not recommended to buy a silver umbrella

The reason why the umbrella has a sun protection effect is because the umbrella cloth is coated with a layer of glue.

In the early years, there were only two kinds of silver glue and vinyl, silver glue sun umbrella cost is low, and the silver glue coating will peel off after a period of use, especially the part that is in contact with the umbrella bone. Therefore, at present, there are few high-end products in the industry that use silver glue.

It is recommended to buy umbrellas coated with vinyl, color glue, and transparent color glue.

How to choose a parasol?Black rubber umbrella
Black rubber umbrella

These are the mainstream coating designs of high-end umbrellas, and the sunscreen ability is also recognized by the industry. Don’t just be superstitious about vinyl, please use the UPF value as the only criterion for testing.

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