Top 10 Hottest Metal Headwear Right Now

Top 10 Hottest Metal Headwear Right Now

Metal headwear is having a major moment right now. From statement crowns to futuristic face jewelry, metal accents on hats and headpieces are totally on trend. As we move into fall, richer metals like gold and bronze are popping up everywhere. Whether you’re looking to add some edge to your festival look or just want to make a bold fashion statement, these 10 metal headwear picks are guaranteed to turn heads.

1. Spiked Headband

Spiked headbands are a huge accessory trend this season. The sharp metal spikes add some punk attitude to any outfit. Try a thin spiked headband in silver or gold to complement your hairstyle. Wide spiked headbands worn across the forehead make more of a statement. They look great paired with braids or a sleek ponytail. For a futuristic vibe, go for holographic metal spikes in rainbow colors. This edgy accessory brings the perfect dose of attitude.

Spiked Headband

2. Chain Hair Clips

Add some bling to your locks with chain hair clips. Delicate gold or silver chains winding through strands of hair create a bohemian yet glam vibe. Larger chunky chains woven into an updo make more of a statement. Chain hair clips with crystals or charms on the ends are ideal for achieving a luxe look. Dress up your go-to messy bun or accentuate a French braid with this eye-catching metal hair jewelry.

Chain Hair Clips

3. Head Chains

While chain hair clips may be trending, head chain jewelry is here to stay. Head chains can be worn across the forehead, along the hairline, or wrapping around the back of the head. Delicate thin chains with subtle pendants work for everyday wear. Heavier curb chains in silver, gold, or rose gold make more of a statement. Many head chain styles also incorporate crystals or pearls into the design for some added shine. This iconic ’90s accessory delivers major glam factor.

Head Chains

4. Hair Crowns

Hair crowns are the ultimate metal headwear for a special event or music festival. Ornate metal crowns look like regal modern tiaras. They can be embellished with crystals, spikes, or 3D floral details. Thinner minimalist hair crowns have a more bohemian vibe. For a unique look, opt for nature-inspired crowns made to resemble branches or leaf shapes. Wear your metal crown tipped forward on the forehead or centered on the top of your head to bring your festival, bridesmaid, or birthday look to the next level.

Hair Crowns

5. Chainmail Headpieces

For a truly show-stopping look, go bold with chainmail headwear. Chainmail coifs cover the head, neck, and shoulders in glimmering metallic mesh. Dramatic chainmail headpieces work wonderfully for costumes and masquerade balls. More minimal chainmail hair accessories like halo chains or beaded nets are easier to style for everyday wear. The interconnected rings of chainmail metal fabric add medieval style while still feeling modern and fashion-forward.

Chainmail Headpieces

6. Face Jewelry

Face jewelry is having a major moment in fashion right now. Metallic adornments like septum clickers, nose chains, and lip cuffs add edgy style. Thin horizontal nose chains are extremely chic. For more sparkle, try a delicate chain with crystal or pearl accents across the bridge of the nose. Septum clickers come in futuristic shapes like hearts, spikes, and circular barbells. For the bold at heart, large septum cuffs make a standout statement. Lip cuffs with cutout metal shapes and chains wrap around the edges of the lips for a trendy take on lipstick.

Face Jewelry

7. Hats with Metal Details

Hats are the perfect canvas for adding eye-catching metal embellishments. Baseball caps with metal grommets, chains, or mesh paneling have a nineties grunge vibe. Floppy sun hats look gorgeous accented with metal rings, charms, or hatbands. For more glitz, choose wide-brim fedoras or floppy hats with chunky hatpins. Strong geometric shapes like spirals, zigzags, and pyramids in shiny silver or gold make any hat feel more luxurious. For music festivals or burning man, top your look with an oversized top hat wrapped in metal wire or filigree.

Hats with Metal Details

8. Hair Forks

Hair forks give ponytails, buns, and chignons an ornate metal upgrade. Intricate hair forks are inspired by chopstick and hair stick designs. Look for sculptural shapes with shiny metallic finishes. Hair forks with dangling pendants, beads, or chain accents are very on trend right now. Large two or three pronged forks work best for holding thick hair in an updo. Use mini metal hair forks to create a etched bohemian look in loose braided styles or layered hair. This stylish hair tool doubles as a stunning accessory.

![Hair Forks]( 189258/il_fullxfull.1900189258_ox7r.jpg)

9. Hair Cuffs

Modern metallic hair cuffs are an edgy way to accessorize ponytails and updos. Hair cuffs wrap around the base of a ponytail or bun, cinching it in place while adding eye-catching shine. Look for sculptural waved shapes, leaf designs, and geometric patterns. Slick tube hair cuffs in liquid looking finishes like oil slick or rose gold also look amazing wrapping high ponytails. For music festivals go big with gigantic statement cuffs covered in spikes or crystals. Let these metal hair accessories pull your look together while making it shine.

Hair Cuffs

10. Headbands and Wraps

Headbands and wraps that incorporate metal embellishments, chains, and jewelry details are ideal for festival season. Broad metal headbands with cutouts and geometric shapes frame the face in glamorous shine. Thin chained head wraps layered over braids add boho flair. Wide printed head wraps with metallic bead or coin fringe instantly elevate any hairstyle. Leather and velvet skinny headbands with metal eyelets or pyramid studs blend edgy and elegant vibes. Look for ways to work gleaming metal into your headwear for an of-the-moment look.

Headbands and Wraps

Metal headwear is having its moment in the accessory spotlight right now. From tiny hair clips to oversized crowns, metal details lend any look a touch of luxury. Whether you’re headed to a concert or just drinks with friends, these hot metal finds ensure your headwear game is on point. So embrace the shine and add some gleaming glam to your personal style.

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