Top 10 Hottest Metal Hairpins

Top 10 Hottest Metal Hairpins

Metal hairpins are making a major comeback in 2023! These sleek, shiny accessories are a must-have for any fashionable hairstyle. In this blog post, we will countdown the top 10 hottest metal hairpins dominating the hair accessory scene right now. From dainty embellished pins to strong, secure pins that can hold even the most elaborate updos, these pins cover all styling needs. Read on for the definitive list of the trendiest metal hairpins you need in your accessory arsenal!

10 – The Pearl Pin

Kicking off our list is the elegant pearl pin. This metal hairpin features a single faux pearl or crystal-encrusted bead secured to the top of the pin. The pearl adds a delicate touch of femininity and sophistication that takes any hairstyle up a notch. Use a pearl pin to adorn a twisted bun, accent your messy braid, or add charm to a chic low ponytail. The sweet simplicity of the pearl hairpin makes it a versatile must-have.

9 – The Extra Long Pin

Next up is the extra long pin, which provides superior holding power for elaborate updos. At 5-6 inches in length, this rigid metal pin can easily slide into thick hair and anchor the style in place. Extra long pins are a godsend for securing heavy braids, voluminous buns, and loose, textured styles. Their staying power outshines regular bobby pins, ensuring your updo makes it through long events and active days intact. For fancy formal hairstyles that need serious holding strength, reach for the extra long pin.

8 – The Wave Pin

If you love boho beach waves, then this undulating wave pin needs to be in your accessory collection. Featuring deep, sculpted waves, this pin adds gorgeous texture and shape when securing loose, tousled locks. Slide the waves horizontally along a fishtail braid to really define the plaits. Or, crisscross wave pins throughout a messy low bun to add body and movement. The wave pin infuses any casual, beachy style with effortless panache.

7 – The Twisted Pin

For an edgy, bold vibe, the twisted metal hairpin is just the thing. With its spiky, helix shape, this pin adds striking detail and texture to any updo. Use two parallel twisted pins to frame an elegant knot bun. Or, sprinkle them throughout your messy top knot to amp up the attitude. With their sharp, eye-catching shape and sheen, twisted pins are ideal for punk rockers, Goth glam, or anyone wanting to add some fierce flair to their locks.

6 – The Ball Tip Pin

If you want hairpins that slide in smoothly without catching, reach for ball tip pins. Just as the name implies, these pins feature a small rounded metal ball on the tip. This smooth, rounded end gently parts hair without snagging, making insertion effortless. Ball tip pins glide in cleanly and provide a comfortable, secure hold. Choose these pins for quickly styling braids, sleek buns, or messy half updos on busy mornings when you don’t want to fight with your hair. The ball tip provides hassle-free styling every time.

5 – The Cutout Pin

Pretty perforated patterns give the cutout pin its delicate, lacy look. Laser-cut designs like flowers, circles, hearts, and more adorn the metal base of this gorgeous pin. In addition to their beauty, cutout pins are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Their aerated shape provides security without heaviness, making them ideal for all-day wear. Pair cutout pins with romantic updos, flower crowns, or pastel locks. Or, use them to inject some geometric or boho flair into any casual style. However you wear them, these airy pins are guaranteed to earn compliments.

4 – The Tortoiseshell Pin

Channel retro glam with the must-have tortoiseshell hair pin! Bold brown and black mottled resin creates the iconic tortoiseshell pattern on this sleek pin. The pretty faux tortoiseshell pairs well with any hair color and adds vintage sophistication to your look. Use these pins to create Victory rolls, secure your chignon, or add detailing to braids. Tortoiseshell is always a stylish choice that stands the test of time. This throwback pin pairs nicely with bold lips, cat eyes, and other classic beauty looks.

3 – The Embellished Pin

If you want to dress up an everyday hairdo, go for an embellished pin adorned with sparkle. Jewel and crystal encrusted pins add instant glitz and luxury to basic styles. Choose pins with pearls, rhinestones, or Austrian crystals to make your hair shine. For added drama, look for hairpins with dangling chains and charm accents. Slide an embellished pin into your tousled low bun for after-work drinks or a date night. Or, use one to accent your loose braid or ponytail with some sophisticated flair. However you style them, these glittering pins upgrade any look with their dazzling shine.

2 – The Alligator Clip Pin

For serious holding strength, the metal alligator clip pin is unmatched. The strong, ridged metal jaws grip hair firmly and securely, preventing even the most intricate braided bun from loosening over time. Sturdy yet comfortable, these clips keep styles in place through a long day of wear. Look for alligator clips with cushioned pads along the jaws for comfortable wear. Though ultra-strong, the slim profile of these pins keeps them discreet. Use them for braids, updos, and heavily textured looks that need superior control. This powerful pin holds strong all day and night.

1 – The Bobby Pin

The number one hottest metal hairpin remains the classic bobby pin. Available in a range of metals like stainless steel, copper, silver, and gold, the iconic bobby pin suits any hairdo. Its versatile, angled shape allows for invisible styling; simply slide the wavy end into hair first and the straight end will lie flat and concealed. Bobby pins work for casual daytime hair, elegant evening dos, and everything in between. Their inexpensive price point makes stocking up a breeze. No hair accessory collection is complete without an arsenal of bobby pins in essential metals and sizes. This legend stands supreme as the #1 hairpin for styling versatility and timeless beauty.


The right metal pins can make styling and securing any gorgeous hairstyle a breeze. Upgrade your accessory collection with these 10 hottest pins trending in 2023. From dainty pearl pins to tortoiseshell retro glam, these pins check every styling box while adding a dose of polish. Stay on trend and keep your locks looking fab with these chic metal hairpins!

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