Do you know the production process and processing of umbrellas?

Do you know the production process and processing of umbrellas?

Do you know the manufacturing process of umbrellas? Do you know how umbrellas are made? Next, this article will introduce you to the manufacturing and process flow of umbrellas.

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The first step is to manufacture the umbrella shaft

The process of making an umbrella is quite complex and involves multiple steps. First, the umbrella shaft is made using 1mm low carbon steel. The shaft is hollow and is created by rolling and welding the steel strip into a circular tube. The tube is then subjected to a deburring process to remove any rough edges.

Next, the shaft is cut into sections, typically 26 feet long. The cutting process involves a cutting machine that needs to be synchronized with the rolling speed. Half of the cut tubes are used for the upper part of the umbrella shaft, while the other half is used for the lower part. The lower part of the tube is further shaped into a hexagonal tube using a molding process, allowing it to fit inside the thicker tube. This enables the umbrella to be folded by stacking the upper part of the shaft.

Once all the tubes are shaped, they are cut into 10-foot lengths and sent for silver coating to prevent rusting when exposed to rain.

Assembly of umbrella shaft

The next step is the assembly of the umbrella shaft. Holes are drilled in the upper tube to hold small metal clips that keep the umbrella open. The two tubes are then connected, and a spring is inserted into the upper part of each tube. When the umbrella is folded, the springs compress inside the tubes. Pressing the open switch releases the springs, causing the two tubes to separate.

Plastic caps are installed on top of the tubes to enclose the springs. Additionally, support rings that can slide along the smooth tubes are attached.

The umbrella frame consists of eight umbrella ribs, each made by connecting two aluminum tubes using steel pins similar to hinges. The ribs are then connected using thin iron wires and fixed inside the grooves of the plastic caps. The iron wires are also secured to the support rings.

Cutting of Umbrella Cloth

The umbrella fabric is made by cutting black nylon fabric into triangular pieces. Nylon fabric is chosen for its lightweight, durability, and quick-drying properties. The fabric pieces are then sewn together to form an octagonal umbrella canopy.

To install the fabric, it is sewn onto the ends of the metal umbrella ribs. Workers hand-sew the canopy at two points: one in the middle and one near the top of the umbrella ribs.

Finally, a plastic handle is attached to the end of the umbrella. With a press of a button, the umbrella can be opened.

In summary

The process of making an umbrella involves several steps, including the production of the umbrella shaft, the assembly of the shaft, the creation of the umbrella frame, and the fabrication of the umbrella fabric. Each step requires precision and attention to detail to ensure the final product is functional and durable.

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